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The ethical and professional legacy of its founders is today in the hands of accountants Raúl Castro and Silvia Barragán, son and daughter respectively of Herman Bolívar Castro and Luis Ángel Barragán. The solid moral principles instilled in them by their respective fathers have led them to set up a professional strategic alliance based in Punta del Este and with a regional and international profile.

In addition to the prestige and solid professional standing they inherited from their predecessors, Castro/ Barragán & Asociados have incorporated to the service all the essential ingredients for success in today's world: a global vision of customers, optimization and training of human resources and investment in information technology.

... meeting the needs of every client
through respectful and personalized treatment ...

This renewed profile positions the firm Castro/ Barragán & Asociados at the cutting edge of professional services, by creating and developing new business opportunities, in order to continue growing together with their clients.

This new vision, which has kept human values intact and respect the basic principles of the profession, focuses its service on meeting the needs of every client through respectful and personalized treatment.

Address: Br. Gral. José Artigas y Anatole France (continuación Louvre). Jardines de Córdoba, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Phones: 42221377 - 42222310 - 42223491 :: Fax: 42221377 - 42222310 - 42223491 / Internal 213 :: Mobiles: 099960080 / 098350498.
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